XXXII SIUCC. Inter-University Workshop on Philosophy and Cognitive Science

David Chalmers

La Laguna, June 25-27, 2025


The Spanish Society for Analytic Philosophy (SEFA) and the organizing committee of next year’s SIUCC conference now welcomes contributions on topics related to David Chalmer’s work.

The SIUCC annual conference has been organized under the auspices of the SEFA ( since the creation of the society in 1994. Invited speakers are asked to present their papers, which can be new material or a revision of former work. This year the workshop will be focused on the work of  David Chalmers (New York University). The conference intends to trigger exchange of ideas and scholarly debate through the presentation of about 8 contributions related to any of the philosophical topics of the invited speakers’ work.

The Organizing Committee invites contributions on any of these topics. Extended drafts or long abstracts (not less than 900 words) should be sent to before February 2th, 2025.

Authors of accepted papers will be notified before February 28th, 2025.

For more information, please contact the organizing committee at



Workshops and keynote speakers have been: XXXI, Seville: Hugo Mercier; XXX, Valencia: José Luis Bermudez; XXIX; Barcelona: Susanna Siegel XXVIII, Granada: Amie Thomasson; XXVII, Vitoria: Elisabeth Camp; XXVI, Madrid: David Velleman; XXV, Valencia: Timothy Williamson; XXIV, Valladolid: Jason Stanley; XXIII, Sevilla: Jennifer Hornsby; XXII, San Sebastián: Jesse Prinz; XXI, Granada: Jaakko Hintikka; XX, Barcelona: Crispin Wright; XIX, Zaragoza: Ernest Sosa; XVIII, Madrid: John Perry; XVII, Palma de Mallorca: Peter Carruthers; XVI, Valencia: Richard Moran; XV, Madrid: Robert Brandom; XIV, Murcia: John McDowell; XIII, Granada: François Recanati; XII, Girona: Christopher Peacocke; XI, Oviedo: Barry Stroud; X, San Sebastián: Jaegwon Kim; IX, La Laguna: John Searle; VIII, Granada: Tyler Burge; VII, Barcelona: Robert Stalnaker; VI, Madrid: Ruth Millikan; V, Barcelona: Ned Block; IV, Valencia: Fred Dretske; III, Menorca: Jerry Fodor; II, Salamanca: Daniel Dennett; I, San Sebastián: Martin Davies & Andy Clark.

The SIUCC annual conferences are intended to focus on the contributions of an influential philosopher. This XXII edition will take place at the Universidad de La Laguna, hosted by the Section of Philosophy, in June 25th-27th, 2025.